Tips for Preparing and Acing Your Remote Job Interview

If the first interaction your candidate has with your company is with you on a video call, you don’t get to see how they’ll interact with your team when being shown around the office. It’s normal for candidates to be a bit nervous when applying for jobs, but video calls can really ramp up the awkwardness. It’s all too easy to talk over each other due to a little bit of lag. We’re all painfully familiar with the „oh – sorry you go“, „no you go“ dance. This can stand in the way of getting an authentic impression of each other.

  • Make sure that you not only have the candidate’s resume in front of you but that you also have a list of pre-determined questions ready to ask.
  • Make sure you’re proactive and communicate efficiently and clearly with the company, and you can still ace the interview.
  • One-way video interviews are pre-recorded, so you can evaluate them at any time, at your own convenience.
  • Even if you are, a remote job interview is still an experience very few candidates will have mastered.
  • Check out Forage’s Comcast Unspoken Interview Fundamentals Virtual Experience Program.
  • But you don’t feel as fulfilled as your friends in North America.

So they’ll ask about your ideal company culture or what culture you prefer. The last thing they want to do is bring on a new remote team member who will disrupt that.

Dress Appropriately For The Remote Interview

Make sure any service or usage within your WiFi network that’s using bandwidth in the background is disabled during the interview. Otherwise, the video for the interviewer will be choppy from their end. Make sure your wireless headphones get charged the day before or the morning before the video call. For more information about Krisp, check out our guide on how to remove background noise on calls. A big tip is that you can use a background noise-blocking service like Krisp to block out unwanted noise during your calls. Make sure that you test Krisp out multiple times with a test call like the one we mention above. As we mention in our home office setup guide, some houses will experience stronger WiFi in some rooms than in others.

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We look for candidates that not only match the skills you’re looking for but also integrate with your company’s culture and processes. Before starting the interviews and going through questions or testing a remote candidate’s knowledge, CVs allow you to get a hint if a candidate has what it takes to perform successfully. But instead of overviewing a candidate’s CV quickly, it’s important to take the time to analyze it. Sometimes it isn’t about the money, but it’s about offering a candidate a new world of possibilities. Imagine finding an extremely talented candidate who is working at a company they don’t feel attached to.

Application: What to keep in mind when deciding how you want candidates to apply

Thoroughly research the remote interview process organization, the specifics of the job posting, job objectives, work culture, values and the general industry the job is in. Check out Forage’s Comcast Unspoken Interview Fundamentals Virtual Experience Program. If you know you’ll get distracted by looking at your self-view during the interview, opt to hide your self-view or change your view to speaker view, so your video is much smaller. Even though your interviewer won’t see your entire outfit, picking the proper Zoom attire is vital to making a good virtual first impression. You can also choose to blur your background if you’d prefer not to show your physical space; however, make sure that the blur doesn’t cut off any of your face or body before joining the call.

What does remote mean at a job?

Remote work is the practice of employees doing their jobs from a location other than a central office operated by the employer. Such locations could include an employee's home, a co-working or other shared space, a private office, or any other place outside of the traditional corporate office building or campus.

Completion requires high levels of participant motivation, since they have not dedicated a specific block of time. Additionally, asynchronous online interviews may feel less conversational and make it more difficult to ask follow-up questions.

Keeping Up with Step Changes in Executive Communications

What’s great about this is that the interviewer will never see the sticky note. If possible, before the interview, find out what program the company uses and test it out. And, if it doesn’t, make the necessary changes or adjustments. Similarly, a lousy webcam gives the impression that you’re just not on the top of your game. If you have shoddy equipment, employers may worry that they’ll have to deal with these poor conditions on an ongoing basis if they hire you.

Headway Customer Success Lead in Remote – Fitt – jobs.fitt.co

Headway Customer Success Lead in Remote – Fitt.

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Internet calls are not always smooth, so speak clearly and keep your end of the line noise-free. All this will only make you look responsible in front of the interviewer. It would be best if you were careful to avoid light sources behind you in the frame, as the camera will lose focus on you and instead show you as a silhouette. The cameras in each location must be matched in composition, colour balance, etc.

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